Author: Lauren Goracke

  • Homily for the Third Sunday OT

    The local weatherman said a few days ago that our days are getting longer by about two minutes a day. You can tell that when you get up in the […]

  • Homily for the First Sunday of Advent

    To go from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s Day brings us full circle when trying to figure out how we want to approach this time of year again. There’s […]

  • Homily for the Twenty-Seventh Sunday OT

    When the Apostles say “Increase our faith” Jesus probably let out a huge sigh. “Now what do they want? Haven’t you seen what we have been doing?” “Increase our faith.” […]

  • Bulletin Column 8/7/22

    Dear Friends and Parishioners,While most of us are trying to squeeze in a few more things to do as August begins, here aresome other things you might consider adding to […]

  • Homily for the 16th Sunday OT – Cycle C

    Today’s Scripture accounts might read something like this: local family is stunned when, out of the blue, a stranger hands them a check for five million dollars! When interviewed later […]

  • Homily for Good Friday, Cycle C – Moscow

    “Because of his affliction, he shall see the light in the fullness of days…he shall take away the sins of many, and win pardon for [our] offenses.” “He was pierced […]

  • Homily for Holy Thursday, Cycle C – Genesee

    This is a mistake, Thomas. We shouldn’t be in Jerusalem with the authorities on the lookout for us! The Master didn’t even try to sneak into the city unseen. That […]

  • An Easter Message

  • Good Friday Message

  • Fifth Sunday OT February 7, 2021

    READINGS: Job 1-4, 6-7; Psalm 147; 1 Corinthians 9:16-19, 22-23; Mark 1:29-39 This past week, Governor Brad Little moved Idaho to Phase 3, lifting more of the restrictions imposed because […]