Music Ministry

Our Music Ministers joyfully share their time and musical talents to lead our community in sung prayer.  All those with a love of music are welcome to take part!  Music Ministry takes several forms in our parish.  If you are interested in joining any aspect of Music Ministry in Moscow, please contact our music coordinator, Cynthia, at
For information about Music Ministry in Genesee, please contact the office.

Music for Regular Masses and Holy Day Masses

This opportunity is open to all youth and adults.  These ministers lead music for Mass one or more times per month in groups that vary in size from 2 to 10 people.  Those who can lend their talents in playing piano, guitar, bass, flute, violin, clarinet, trumpet, percussion, and other instruments are encouraged to take part!

Tend the Ground
Adult Choir

This opportunity is also open to all youth and adults.  The Adult Choir sings in the choir loft about five times a year, including Christmas Eve and Easter.  Beginners and experienced singers are equally welcome to join this warm, welcoming, spirit-filled group of fabulous people!

Youth Music Group

This opportunity is open to all middle school and high school aged youth.  This group is open to vocalists and instrumentalists, and leads music at the 11:30 Mass once a month, with one practice per month being held the week beforehand.

Christmas Choir

This opportunity is open to all children in grades 2 through 12.  This Choir sings once a year on Christmas Eve, with one or two practices during Advent.

Pipe Organist

Do you know how to play a pipe organ?  Do you already play piano and would be willing to give the pipe organ a shot?  We would love to get more use out of our magnificent organ, located in the choir loft.  If you have an interest in lending your time and talents to play the organ, please contact Cynthia at the email address listed above.