A Journey with God

The day was cool with a hint of color. The sun was full of life, cooling breezes swept leaves off
the ground. Birds were singing as they made their way South for the winter. It was fall. The year
was 2021.
I got a call from my grandmother asking if I could walk over and help her. It was something I did
a lot, so I didn’t really want to, but I accepted anyway because I needed to get out. As I began
my journey through the bittersweet streets of my hometown, I took a deep sniff of the afternoon
I continued to walk down street after street until I got to my grandmother’s house. She wanted
me to cook her a nice meal for her dinner. I cooked her some garlic chicken pasta, it was very
delightful, and she loved it. Once I had made her food, I proceeded to get her mail for her and
take out the trash.
After I finished helping my grandmother, I started to make my way back to my house when I
heard a faint noise in the distance. As I closed in on the noise it stopped, I looked all around to
see what was making the sound. I looked left and right, up and down; I saw it, sitting high up in
a tree. It was nothing but an owl minding its own business. Owls were not a common sight here;
they were quite rare. For a while I just stood and watched it.
Something felt different about this elegant creature. It had some sort of warm presence. I felt as
if it were watching me, protecting me as I passed. I continued to walk home appeased by its
presence. I felt like God was close and with me during this excursion.

St. Mary’s Catholic School Student