Month: April 2022

  • On This Easter Sunday Bulletin

    Dear Friends and Parishioners, Sometimes it seems like all we do is race around trying to get things done. We make lists on our iPhones, little scraps of paper, and […]

  • Homily for Good Friday, Cycle C – Moscow

    “Because of his affliction, he shall see the light in the fullness of days…he shall take away the sins of many, and win pardon for [our] offenses.” “He was pierced […]

  • Homily for Holy Thursday, St. Mary’s

    I’m almost sure there has been a time in each of our lives that a friend has invited us somewhere for some celebration or another. A couple of times I […]

  • Homily for Holy Thursday, Cycle C – Genesee

    This is a mistake, Thomas. We shouldn’t be in Jerusalem with the authorities on the lookout for us! The Master didn’t even try to sneak into the city unseen. That […]

  • Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion 2022

    Every time I hear the Passion read as one complete reading, I get thechills. It reminds me of when I met him for the first time:Holding my grandfather’s hand at […]

  • Fifth Sunday of Lent Year C

    For those of us who have been trying to find our way during this Lenten season, looking for the right path to follow, we are in luck this weekend, because […]