On This Easter Sunday Bulletin

Dear Friends and Parishioners,

Sometimes it seems like all we do is race around trying to get things done. We make lists on
our iPhones, little scraps of paper, and tell other people “please remind me…” that I have to get
this or that done. The light turns yellow (which does not mean speed-up) and the person in front
of you at the store is using real money instead of a credit card and is actually counting out the
correct change for the cashier! If you wait in a line inside a Starbucks you can have your coffee
in less than a minute. If you want to save time, you stay in your car, use the Drive-Thru, and that
takes at least five!

How hard it must have been on the disciples to put the Lord in the tomb. Scripture tells us that
they “did not yet understand” that the Lord would rise on the third day. But the women were ready
with their oils and spices to go and anoint him after the sabbath, patiently waiting in tears and
fear and for the sun to rise. At daybreak they go to the tomb and can’t believe what they see. He
is not there.

On this Easter Sunday the Lord has been raised and the world has changed. As we wish each
other a “Happy Easter” let’s remember that this day is so special that it takes our Church 50 days
to celebrate! So, let us take the time we need to look for the Risen Christ in the lives of those we
love. Surrounded by a world that is moving so fast, it is okay to race to the tomb, but we must
stop before we go in and figure out how to spend our time wisely in the presence of the Risen

Peace and Happy Easter!