Eucharist “Remain in Me”

On Oct. 17, the Diocese of Boise, along with dioceses throughout the United States, will launch the first year of a three year period of Eucharistic renewal. The theme of the Eucharistic renewal in the Diocese of Boise will be Remain In Me. The Bishop asked parishes offer one day a week for Adoration during the Advent season, which begins Nov. 28.
Parishes providing one day a week for Adoration during Advent will require very little of each of us, but will, I hope, be a profound source of refreshment and unity to us all,Bishop Peter said. Pray before the Blessed Sacrament and by this simple action, align yourself with Jesus and with each other. Unify our Diocese by praying together,he wrote. 
The past two years have left our communities exhausted, worried, worn out and painfully divided.

As we begin Advent, let us offer ourselves and our communities the opportunity to reground and restore themselves in Jesus. Let us offer them respite before the Blessed Sacrament, a place to lay down their burdens of fear and conflict in complete trust and reliance on the Lord, who will make our ways straight and guide us in our blindness. What a wonderful assurance that we need no strength of our own, but instead may always rely on the strength of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Other devotional practices during these holy hours such as seasonal litanies, prayers of reparation, meditations and Eucharisticthemed hymns will also be offered.

I am excited as your pastor to be working with various parishioners to arrange one evening a week for an hour of Adoration with Benediction. As soon as I have a date and time I will let the parish know!