May 8, 2022

Dear Friends and Parishioners,
During Mass last weekend you may have noticed the children in our parish going down the aisle
toward the children’s basket on the altar. It is nice to hear and see another familiar sight as
Masses and events in our parish return to normal.
It has taken a while to begin a new cycle of life in our Church. The children in our parish have been
wonderful examples to us of how to get through life, regardless of the situations that have
affected us all.
If you remember, our school opened in August on time, preparations for first sacraments and
confirmation began, we have a new place for kids to hang out on Friday afternoons, Scouts
are meeting, the “Moms Group” is up and running, young altar servers are returning, and
High School graduation invitations are in the mail.
And so, from the youngest child to the oldest teenager, the children in our parish are leading
us (the adults) forward into a brave new “post covid” world. They lead us by showing us faith,
hope and charity. Although things have been difficult for them too, their resiliency astounds us
at times.
This Sunday as we celebrate the Good Shepherd, we see our children happy to be
“sheep.” Out and about, sticking together, listening for a comfortable voice that says things
will be okay. A lesson for all of us.
This weekend as the children are called forth to share, watch them in their joy — living out the
Easter message from our scriptures today: For you had gone astray like sheep, but you have
now returned to the shepherd and guardian of your souls.