Mass Ministries

Dear Friends and Parishioners,
Next week, after the 5 p.m. Mass, we will be having a training session for those who are interested in being Altar Servers. It has been a long time since we have used Altar Servers here at St. Mary’s and I am grateful there is so much interest by parishioners to return to the various ministries offered by the Church.
As I have mentioned before it takes about 20
people to get each Mass going as scheduled. That (X) times three Masses and we are looking at 60 people to serve as ministers in one way or another on any given weekend.
2 Hospitality, 2 servers, 5 Eucharistic Ministers, 2 Lectors, 1 Sacristan, and anywhere from 1-5 Musicians. Add a priest and deacon and you have a full slate of people that come together to serve
YOU and the Church community.
Next week as we train our servers we are hoping for young servers 4th grade and up, teens, young adults, and older members of the parish. Families often like to serve together so siblings or a parent and child are more than welcome.
None of the Mass ministries are very difficult to carry out. No one is asked to do it at all Masses, every weekend. Each ministry has a coordinator that devises a workable schedule for each person. Training is available for all ministries.
If you have served in a ministry at St. Mary’s
before, please know we would love for you to
return to that ministry. You can pick a different one or stay with the one you know.  Ministry, especially “post-Covid” ministry, is a important life line to all members of the Church.
You show others how important ministry is and get them excited about participating in the Church. We still are not up to full speed after Covid-times. But as we come back to ministering with each other we will get there much sooner than later. Thanks for all
you do!