Lenten Activities

As Catholics we are called to spend each Lent preparing through fasting, almsgiving, and prayer. As everything the past year, Lent may look different but it is an opportunity to do something different that perhaps we have not been able to before. We offer many ways to do so and have listed just a few below. We would love to have you participate in any way you feel comfortable! Please contact the office at 208-882-4813 with any questions you might have!

Small Faith Sharing Groups

Join a small group of people sharing life, faith, and Catholic values. Bring an open heart and a questioning mind.

  • Join an existing group by contacting the office here. Caroline has lists of groups taking new people or you can form your own with those around you.
  • We aren’t allowed to post the materials directly here for download but if you email us we can send you the information. We also have packets printed and available at the Family Center Office. Depending on your situation you can do it in-person or via zoom.

Question of the Week

We challenge you to go deeper into the Gospel and relate it to your daily life. We will be including questions for all ages in the bulletin each week in hopes that it help deepen your Lenten experience. They will be posted here in case you missed the insert in the bulletin or need to revisit it .

CRS Rice Bowls

Collect Lenten alms throughout Lent and we will turn them in to Catholic Relief Services after Easter. Rice Bowls can be picked up at the office now.

Origami Easter Flowers sponsored by Family Faith Formation

Pick up your origami paper at the Parish Office (or use your own paper) and each week follow directions to make origami flowers. Drop them off in collection baskets before Palm Sunday and they will be displayed as part of our Easter celebration. For something extra and to make each one unique, you can write your Lenten intentions or prayers on the inside of the paper, then fold it into a flower.

Written Instructions

Lenten Week 5 – Moss Rose

Join us for Stations of the Cross each Friday

You can check the calendar here to see times for these in Genesee and in Moscow. Stations are hosted each week by a different group of the Parish. Just as mass is during the weekend, we will ask that everyone socially distance and wear a mask to safely attend.

Lenten Soup and Bread Suppers/Seder Meal

We are unable to have our traditional Soup and Bread Suppers and Seder Meal this year due to COVID restrictions, but we offer you recipes submitted by parishioners to enjoy with your family groups this year. Each week we will add a new recipe here. It can also be found within your bulletin. If you have a recipe to share please send it to our email! We would love to see them!