Far Away

God is life. God is in our lives, and moves through our lives in everything and everyone we encounter, day and night. And most people don’t, or can’t, see God.
Sometimes, our lives are moving so fast that we can’t see, hear, or feel God. Realizing that he is in our lives, in everything, is so critical for us to find joy in a life for God.
It was a very long day. That started off with a very long morning. Me and my family left the house that day angry. Angry at each other for reasons we then thought were important. I made it through the day dragging my feet, wanting school to end, but
not wanting to go home either.
Finally, school ended, and I was free to go home. But first, I had to head to our school’s Hallissey practice. Hallissey is a Catholic tournament where catholic schools around the state of Idaho compete in basketball. I was not doing as well as I normally
do. None of my shots were going in, and I was committing many turnovers and bad passes.
At last, after a grueling hour, practice had ended. I was the last to leave. I stayed late to shoot around, trying to fix my shot. I believe that I had so much on my shoulders that it was affecting my gameplay, and how I handled the ball. After I was done, I quickly
changed and grabbed my backpack, and walked out the door. I started walking down Lincoln Street, and I put my earbud in and tried to turn on my music. My music usually connects right away, but for some reason, it was taking longer than usual.
I had walked almost all the way down Lincoln Street when it finally turned on. The first song that came on was called “Far Away” by Lecrae. This song is about how God is not far away, but really He is close. In many shapes and forms. As I turned left, to continue my walk home, I stopped and looked up. I looked at the sky, and the clouds, and the trees, and the sun. I felt the wind on my back, and I realized that I was being talked to. God was telling me that He is above everything, and that He is in everything, and that I will be okay as long as I recognize that God is not far away. As I continued on my path, I thought about how God is with me always, in everything I come across in my life, and that God is truly not far away.

St. Mary’s Catholic School Student