Don’t Take A Break From Mass!

It’s summertime! Many of you are planning to take a break from the chaos of normal life and
are planning summer vacations! When scheduling your vacation details, don’t forget to
schedule your weekly offertory contributions!
Take a break (you deserve it), but don’t take a break from Mass! There are many ways for you
to find churches during vacation. Churches are here for you throughout the summer and the
whole year. Here’s a guide to Mass times for your convenience! No matter where you go,
there’s a church nearby.
Mass Times for Catholic Travelers
The following are just a few resources for you to
check for Mass times in your area:
In your browser type in Catholic Mass Near Me and look for the closest church. Or…
Catholic Mass Times Google App Store
It is VERY important that you call the church you plan to attend to confirm the time for Mass. Much
of the information may be outdated. There are also times listed for Daily Mass, Perpetual
Adoration, Radio Podcasts and other Catholic programming.
Bishop Barron
Catholic Answers
Vatican Radio
Please don’t forget your donations to your own parish or to the church you attend during
vacation. Priests also enjoy a friendly hello and to know where you are from. Travel safe and
know God will be by your side all summer long.