Dear Parishioners and Friends

Next weekend at St. Mary’s in Moscow we will have our annual Time and Talent Survey. As the Church has been open over the last four months, we have been blessed to have a number of parish ministers return to their favorite ministries.
I am grateful to those who minister on the weekends, and all those who lend a helping hand on our “honey do” list. As Church gets busier and more elements are brought back into our Church life, this year our asking for your Time and Talent seems more important than ever.
I often tend to think that ministry is only related to Mass. Then all of a sudden I see a need or remember that there are over 70 ministries on our Time and Talent Sheet!
There are so many times when I don’t want to “bother people” by asking them to do something around the Church or to pray for some special need. Then I remember what it used to be like when I was a parishioner at St. Therese of the Little Flower in Reno or at the Cathedral in Boise.
I loved to help Sister Genevra and Fr. Andy around the Rectory. I have fond memories of volunteering with whatever Fr. Mike and Fr. Bob needed at the Church or School in Reno. I loved to read at Mass, pray as a young adult leader, do some remodeling, or fix a toilet and sweep the parking lot.
St. Mary’s can really benefit from you as a person willing to share your time and talent. Take one of the bulletin inserts home with you today and pray about what you can do. We will also have time at Mass next week to fill out and collect the sheets.
Thanks for all you do! You are a blessing to me and all of us at St. Mary’s.