Catholic Schools Week

It’s Catholic Schools Week! We’re grateful for all of our wonderful teachers and students who contribute so much to the life of our parish.

This week our parish school joins over 8,000 Catholic schools nationwide to celebrate Catholic Schools Week. The theme for the nationwide Catholic School’s week is: “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.” This theme is one that supports our high academic standards and Catholic identity. Three key priorities that our Catholic school promotes are: faith – not just knowing the basics of Christianity; rather each one is encouraged and supported in developing his/her relationship with God; academics, in which we are held to very high standards, helping each child reach his/her potential; and service, the giving of one’s time and effort to helping others; to changing our world for Christ.

Since 1908 our school has helped all those involved to love and serve Jesus. The schools’ focus is to help each one make Jesus part of their daily lives.  What is essential for students–to be a whole person–is available for each one at our school.  Students’ faith and spirituality formation is woven throughout the strong academic curriculum provided at St. Mary’s, a curriculum that includes outstanding programs in physical education and music. The students are both encouraged and challenged to grow into the beautiful people they were created to be.  Students who otherwise might not be accepted into gifted programs are not only encouraged at St. Mary’s, but can and do excel in music and leadership roles as well as academics—their giftedness is cultivated.


IGNITING faith, knowledge, creativity and service