Bulletin Letter 4/30/23

During the Season of Lent, as things appeared dark and cold, we had several weeks to try and
understand who Jesus was in our lives. Lent allowed us to move toward a time when things
were brighter and less mysterious about the Lord. In the Gospel readings for the last three
weeks of Lent we met a Samaritan woman who gradually comes to know Jesus as the Messiah.

We encountered a man born blind who, without even asking, was healed by Jesus. Out of his
darkness, Jesus brought him light. And then with sadness we read about Jesus’ friend Lazarus in
the tomb. Jesus calls him out into light and new life.

On Easter Sunday, after Jesus rose from the tomb, the world was clothed in the bright light of
the Resurrection. On Divine Mercy Sunday rays of light and mercy flowed out from the heart of
Jesus. And last week Jesus walked with us along the road to Emmaus enlightening our
minds. This week we are bathed in the brilliance of a new kind of light, for the Good Shepherd
watches over the brightest of all lights in our Church, our children.

The Shepherd brings into our fold seven wonderful children who will celebrate their First
Holy Communion. Baptism brings the light of Christ into our souls. The celebration of First
Holy Communion binds us together in our sheepfold at St. Mary’s.

We are blessed to have Eleanor Flanders, Grace Wolf, Ollie Johnson, Leo Johnson, Alexander
Roe, Warren Schirmer, and Reidan Bruns in our midst. They bring us light today with their joy and
happiness as they receive the Body of Christ for the first time. Enjoy this moment in the life of our
Church. And then, remember when you received the Lord in the Eucharist for the first time.
From dark to light to joy. This is what today is about.

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