Bulletin Column 7/15/22

Dear Friends and Parishioners,

Each week before Sunday Mass you have probably noticed a lot of activity swirling around the Sacristy and Sanctuary. The people who get the Church ready for each Mass have volunteered their time and their talents to make sure St. Mary’s can offer the best worship experience for all who come here.

I am often greeted after Mass by visitors who are grateful for the welcome at the door, who love our stained-glass windows, are happy for all the music and how well we sing together, are grateful to be able to receive the Precious Blood, and almost always say “I can’t believe you still have candles to light in the Church!” At times we miss these simple things.

Sometimes as I get ready for Mass, I forget to look around. Sometimes it feels like I’m just trying to get out the door to start Mass on time. I marvel that it takes 50 or more people to get the Church ready for three Masses during a typical weekend. The ministries these people provide range from the Bus Ministry to writing the Bulletin and Prayers for the Faithful. There are others who serve in Hospitality and as Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Servers, Sacristans, Musicians, Families that bring up the gifts and those who clean on Friday night to get the Church ready for the weekend. Most importantly, those who come and pray.

This weekend as we listen to the Gospel of Martha and Mary, we realize that we all have a place in Church. We can pray quietly as Mary did or we can be busied about many things as was Martha. Whatever we decide to do when we come to church, I am grateful that our doors can be open for all who stop by.