Bulletin Column 9/4/22

Dear Friends and Parishioners,
A few days ago, we celebrated the opening of a new school year at our Parish School. St. Marys
Parish School is a constant reminder that the gift of faith is growing and spreading all around us.

At the BacktoSchool Night BBQ I met several new families, two of which just moved to Moscow
and found our School to be just what they were looking for. Talking to the returning families,
many were sad to see the kids leave their summer routines, but in a way were glad
because the kids got to go back to friends and familiar surroundings.

The hot dogs were great, the old argument: Do you put ketchup on a hot dog, or mustard? Or do
you put both? Chips, ice cream sandwiches, and cold water rounded out the menu. The best part
about the evening was to hear the laughter as the children AND parents reconnected after a
long (hot) summer.

On Wednesday morning I had the honor of being with the teachers for their first prayer circle.
Every day before the morning assembly the teachers gather in the school hallway and offer
up prayers for personal or other concerns. Often there is a prayer of thanksgiving for Gods gifts.

After prayer circle we went into the gym for the first assembly. Neat rows of children from 3year
olds to eighth graders, all lined up for a morning prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and a patriotic
song. Yes, we still do that! Later, the American flag was raised over the front doors, and we
were off to another great start. Please continue to pray for YOUR Catholic School!