Bulletin 6/25/23

Dear Friends and Parishioners,

It is amazing to know that these are some final “Thoughts” I am writing to you at St. Mary’s in
Moscow and Genesee. As a priest moves on from a parish, we always take more blessings
with us than when we arrived. From my first day in the parish when I met Jan, and the next day Sister Margaret, I understood that I was going to be spoiled, but challenged to up my game as a priest. I am grateful for the kind and careful way that all of you have molded and fashioned me into a better person and man of God.

At times, I know it couldn’t have been easy! And yet you soon taught me that what we do here on
the Palouse is special and if I would just be patient, I would understand the magic that is St.
Mary’s in both Genesee and Moscow.

I am grateful to Jan, Pam, and Lauren for putting up with my idiosyncrasies and teaching me how
to be a better “boss.” Always believe that you have great value and that you really are the true
leaders of the ministerial team that makes St. Mary’s an awesome place to work.

To the others in the office, thanks for making my life better: Caroline and Deacon George, Cindy
and Deacon Ken, Karen and Deacon Ray, Linda and Deacon Vern, and Deacon Dennis. Tina and
Jon, Cynthia, Marie and Carl Becker and Thomas, Tammy, Leah, Jen, Katharine, Suzie,
Principal Sandy Izzo, Jen Beller, Margaret and the Ursuline Sisters, Linda, Audrey, Alondra,
Yuli, the Finkins and Scott, Dave and Phil and Terry, Fr. Caleb, Fr. Chase, and Fr. Benjamin.
and EVERYONE in Genesee.

Trusting our prayers, we will meet in heaven, with peace and love,

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