A Sense of Gratitude

For whom are you praying at this moment? Who is praying for you? In today’s Gospel (John 15:9-17), Jesus reminds us that we are all his friends if we obey his commands. And the seminal command is this: that we love God, holding nothing back, and love one another for the very reason that God has first loved us. Jesus is God’s proof of that love!
Like so many people in our parish community and beyond, I have been touched by the power of your prayers during this time of healing. For me, it has been a recent back surgery, executed by a highly skilled neuro-surgeon and his staff. My wife Caroline’s care, encouragement, and exhortations to follow doctor’s orders have been wonderful reminders of just how blessed I am. So, too, have been your phone calls, visits, meals, and the many chores you’ve covered. For a neighbor, it has been a successful knee replacement, again by a talented surgeon. For another friend, it is being surrounded with family and friends as she nears the end of her life. For yet another friend, it is healing from a serious auto accident. For these events, and so many more, prayer has been a powerful source of healing and hope.
Returning to Mass and the Eucharist after several weeks was an amazing grace! Being in church with you fills me with joy and gratitude. You are so good, so caring, so ready to help whenever help is needed! In you, Jesus’ command to love is fulfilled and I am forever grateful.

—Deacon George