Month: August 2022

  • Homily for the Twenty-Second Sunday OT

    You might remember the scene at the beginning of the movie Titanic when Jack escorts Rose and Molly Brown to dinner in the first class dining room. They sit at […]

  • Homily for the Twenty First Sunday OT

    I suppose like many of us I have a group of friends that are very dear to me. They are the type of friends that you may not see for […]

  • Homily for Twentieth Sunday OT

    Making decisions is hard. We all have to make them. Making good decisions is even harder. The only way we can figure out if we have made the right decision […]

  • Homily for Nineteenth Sunday OT

    Three parishes ago, (2005) I was pastor in Idaho Falls. The house where I lived was about two miles from the Church Office. It was a duplex, so not only […]

  • Bulletin Column 8/7/22

    Dear Friends and Parishioners,While most of us are trying to squeeze in a few more things to do as August begins, here aresome other things you might consider adding to […]