St. Mary’s Family Faith Formation Program

FFF Calendar of Events

Our plan throughout the end of the year: Faith Formation Newsletter with a Lectio Divina, Reflections, and Activities will be sent out weekly via email.

This year we are utilizing a family formation program and lessons and handouts are available outside the Faith Formation Office to pickup each month. On certain dates in-person activities will be offered or a take home activity “kit” provided (subject to limited availability, registered participants guaranteed a kit, otherwise as supplies last).

We are doing most of our correspondence through flocknotes to MS Youth Parents, HS Youth Parents, and Religious Ed Parents.  Click here to subscribe

If you have activity ideas to request, please let us know!  We will announce our spring schedule soon!

Our Biblical Verses and Biblical Numbers Escape Rooms are still available to play! Click here for more directions and links!

Not going to mass in person yet?

Have you tried to do online worship and feel like something is missing? This format might help make mass more active for your family. It enables you to physically take part rather than just passively sit and watch.

It’s free and takes very little setup to use